Minimalist photography in architecture

#1 Jeanette Hägglund @etna_11

#2 Patryk Wikaliński @patryk_wikalinski

#3 Roc Isern @stoptheroc

#4 Marina Denisova @_marinadenisova_

#5 Sebastian Weiss @le_blanc

#6 Minh T @thismintymoment

#7 Jorge Alva @urbanentdecker_

#8 Christian Theile @christiantheilephotography

#9 Serjios @serjios

#10 Steven @nlsteven

Art Digital art

Immersive 3D art

#1 Mue studio

Mue is a modern image studio based in New York City, specialized in 3D design and created by Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim. Dreamy is a word that first come to my mind when describing a digital art created by this studio. Their images are subtle, minimalistic and surreal, filled with soft pastel colors.

#2 Morten Lasskogen

Morten Lasskogen aka I am moteh is a Danish digital artist and photographer. His art is often dreamy, especially pieces that involve a cloud theme. By creating specific atmosphere with the use of colors, and playing with the light, his art evokes distinct emotions what allows us, the viewers, to identify with them.

The ocean between us
With you

#3 Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is a Polish art director and illustrator supporting many widely known brands. He creates stunning pieces of art in a digital form by exploring various modern shapes and forms. Colors also play an important role in his illustrations.

#4 Baeige

Baeige is a project of Jo-Anie Charland, a 3D artist based in Vancouver, focused on visualizing different outdoor or indoor sceneries where modern architecture and design is shown with indispensable role of subtle, neutral tints.

#5 Roman Bratschi

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Roman Bratschi is a 3D illustrator and animation director. His digital sculptures reflect a beautiful study on different shapes and patterns, while using mostly soft pastel colors.

Dance Music

Unique music videos featuring dancing

#1 TR/ST – Destroyer

TR/ST previously known as Trust is a project of an artist Robert Alfons born in Toronto, Canada. TR/ST represents a combination of synth pop with grimy industrial beats, where exceptional deep voice of Robert is undeniably a memorable and indispensable element of those art pieces.

Destroyer is a video choreographed and starred by Ryan Heffington (known especially from his work for the video of Sia Chandelier) and codirected by Justin Tyler Close. Heffington explains: “TR/ST’s thrilling track Destroyer induced a feeling of uplifting mourning that inspired my own movements in the video. This dance implies a last-ditch effort to save a relationship—of joy remembered, and of reflection and turmoil manifested in gestures which relied on the track’s undulating rhythms and vocals.”

#2 Foo Fighters – Shame Shame

A recent video of Foo Fighters for Shame Shame has been directed by a world-class photographer Paola Kudacki, born in Bueos Aires. A female dancer starring in this video is a French dancer, actress, and model Sofia Boutella. Born in Algeria, Sofia, played a great leading role in The Mummy movie alongside Tom Cruise. She also appeared in Climax, a dark psychological horror movie directed by Gaspar Noé, where a group of dancers throws an after-party following rehearsals.

Shame shame is a dark-style, mysterious video starring Dave Grohl together with Sofia Boutella. As Grohl told NME: “It’s crazy, the idea for that video came from a dream I had when I was when 14 or 15 that I’ve remembered my entire life”.

#3 Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

Forest Swords is a project of an English producer, composer, and graphic designer Matthew Barnes. Hip-hop-inspired beats are here combined with unusual atmospheric samples and guitar work to form a dreamy and at the same time very dark style.

Thor’s Stone was recorded on the streets of Los Angeles at night, where a Spanish artist  Guzman Rosado danced repeatedly for 8 hours as a video director Dave Ma told Nowness.

#4 Kamp! – Cairo

A Polish electro-pop band Kamp! founded in Łódź consists of 3 musicians: Tomasz Szpaderski, Michał Słodowy, and Radek Krzyżanowski. Their exceptional combination of 80’s style, pop, techno music, and dreamy vocal can not be missed. Kamp! debuted in 2009, and since then 3 album records has been released. Each of their albums has a distinctive style so their fans are never bored with their sounds.

Cairo was directed by Marcel Sawicki and featured a Polish actor Eryk Lubos.

#5 Pandora Drive – Same Thing

Pandora Drive is a collaborative project of a Swedish singer Karin Park and former duo Thomas Knights and Nick Sheldon. A unique voice of Karin Park is combined with electro-pop sounds.

Same thing is an imaginative and dreamy video that shows people dancing in the club to the energetic music of Pandora Drive.

Karin Park asked to describe the style of Pandora Drive records replied: “Imagine a warm night when you’re walking along Sunset Boulevard and you feel really lonely under the palm trees that are all planted into the city of L.A but don’t really grow naturally there at all. And all the neon signs you walk by are standing there buzzing with electricity and you know that this road leads to nowhere and anywhere and doesn’t turn until it’s too late… that kind of thing.”

Dance Performance

The art of body movement

#1 Ohad Naharin

Born in Israel, Ohad Naharin is a contemporary dancer and choreographer responsible for emergence of the Gaga movement.
His dancing experience started in Batsheva Dance Company. Next, he moved to New York to attend Juilliard and the School of American Ballet.

When Ohad Naharin was a House Choreographer in Betsheva Dance Company for years after coming back from US, he developed a new body movement  language called Gaga. Classes consist of a teacher leading dancers through an improvisational practice based on a series of images described by the teacher (1).  Naharin explains that such a practice is meant to provide a framework or a “safety net” for the dancers to use to “move beyond familiar limits” (2).

(1) The Grotesque in the Choreography in Ohad Naharin”.
(2) “Ohad Naharin Discusses Gaga Movement”, Retrieved December 15, 2015.

Minus 2 by Ohad Naharin. Dancers from Polish Dance Theatre
Max by Ohad Naharin. Dancers from GÖTEBORGSOPERANS DANSKOMPANI

For anyone interested in exploring Ohad Naharin’s choreographic work and the movement language, I recommend a documentary movie called “Mr. Gaga” that had its premiere in 2015.

Mr. Gaga movie documentary

#2 Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is a performer focused on the expression of distinct feelings and desires by body movement. He graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Next, he earned a Bessie Award at Dancer Theater Workshop in New York City for his performance called Glory. Afterwards Jeremy moved to Berlin where he’s been collaborating with the Hebbel Theater and Gessnerallee Zürich.

Between Sirens
JEREMY WADE / Dla każdego gestu inny aktor – Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, Poznań, PL

#3 Daniel Stryjecki

Daniel Stryjecki is a Polish dancer, choreographer, and a video artist. He joined a Polish Dance Theatre in 1998, where he was a part of wonderful performances, while in 2009 he had a debut as a choreographer and created a visual performance DSM-IV 301.8, which included video mapping process.

Multimedia Show – DSM-IV 301.81, Polish Dance Theater

However, the multimedia show Daniel created for 20th Gala for Polityka magazine opened a new door for him as multiskilled artist, who combines dancing with a multimedia show that enhance the viewer’s experience.

Multimedia Show – Paszporty Polityki Awards
Multimedia Show – 100 years of Polish Independence

#4 Dangerkat (Kaiti Dangerkat)

Dangerkat is a Canadian-born and New York-based dancer and choreographer focused on waacking and vouguing styles, but also a singer and DJ. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in Canada, then she continued studies on Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada, and Edith Cowan University in Australia. After that time she created House of Dangerkat, a group of international artists who synthesize fashion, music, dance, and visual media to create original performances.

House of Dangerkat – Opulence
Voguing and waacking – Eva Shou and Dangerkat

#5 Dimitris Papaionnau

Born in Athens, a Greek experimental theater stage director, choreographer, and visual artist Dimitris Papaionnau became widely known in 2004 from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. He graduated from Athens College and the Athens School of Fine Arts. What is worth mentioning, Dimitris is not only a great choreographer, but also an illustrator and comic book creator who published over 40 comics.

In 2015 in Baku he directed again the Opening Ceremony this time for the First European Games.

Origins – Opening Ceremony First European Games – conceived, visualized and directed by DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU, Baku 2015

While creating Still Life, Dimitris Papaioannou thought a lot about the human crave for meaning, and about the absurdity of the human condition, rooted in matter but yearning for spirit.

Still Life 2


5 masters of inflatable art

  1. OSKAR ZIĘTA with Zieta Prozessdesign Team

Polish architect Oskar Zięta studied and worked as a research assistant at ETH Zurich, a prestigious university fouded by the Swiss Federal Government, where he developed a new technology in architecture and design. With this technology called FIDU from Freie Innen Druck Umformung (Free Internal Pressure Forming), he was able to create his wonderful sculptures, where air is pumped under a high pressure in between two thin layers of steel in order to create an inflatable structre.

Tafla – Deep space
Kamyki – The heat
Rondo – Gradient deep space

TeamLab is a Tokyo-based, international group of various specialist combining art with science and technology. The good example is their exhibition called “Homogenizing and transforming world” where a digital technology is involed. Visitors enter a space filled with giant colorful spheres that change their color one after another when touched due to the flow of information by specific sensors.

Homogenizing and transforming world
Forest of Resonating Life – 9 Blurred Colors and 3 Base Colors
Autonomous Resonating Life – Liquified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset
Autonomous Resonating Life – Liquified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset

3. Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is a sculptor from India. He studied at Chelsea School of Art and Design in United Kingdom.
His widely known from “Chicago bean”, a Cloud Gate in the center of Chicago. However, the installation Leviathan is worth mentioning while writing about this great artist. Leviathan is a giant bubble installed in Grand Palais in Paris that allows visitors to enter inside and explore its dark, mysterious red space.

Installation view, Lisson Gallery
Cloud gate

4. Charles Pétillon

Known for his photographs, french artist Charles Pétillon creates large scale installations. The installation Heart beat from the series Invasions in London’s Covent Garden Market Building involved around 100,000 white balloons floating below the ceiling.

Heart Beat
33 KM

5. Geraldo Zamproni

This Brazilian artist graduated from the State University of Londrina where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning.
With his installations Geraldo Zamproni seek to visually alter the space that surrounds them and explore the relations between object, observer, and environment. Volatile structures is a massive pillow of the shape and color reminding lips, created by puffed-up inflatable structures placed tightly under columns in Grenada Millennium Biennale in Spain to create a feeling that they support columns.

Volatile structures

This post is inspired by imaginative book Bubbletecture – inflatable architecture and design written by Sharon Francis and published by Phaidon.